UL whitepaper

According to the UL whitepaper "Verifying Environmental Sustainability in the Electronics Marketplace", growth drivers of sustainable electronics include:
- Regulations (e.g., ROHS)
- Government procurement policies
- Industry initiatives, from the manufacturers themselves
- Corporate product development policies
- Non-government organizations (NGOs) and advocacy groups
- Consumer demands and expectations

Which of these could we help push forward today?

Also according to this paper, here are some ways that you can check on the sustainability of electronics/components you buy, or gain credibility for your own products:
- Eco-Label Product Certification, at various levels covering the life cycle of the product and its materials
- Environmental Product Declarations: "An EPD is a single, comprehensive disclosure of a product’s environmental impact throughout its entire lifecycle that has often been validated by an independent third-party."
- Environmental Claims Validation
- and more! Do read the whitepaper, as it goes into more detail about other options as well (under this catch-all subheading).

UL does provide services to help businesses attain sustainability goals, some of which are listed HERE. Their website provides lots of useful, succinct information, including concrete goals.