Last updated: June 15, 2022

This site is written in MkDocs. Chosen because it is:
- Lightweight (1.5MB at time of writing)
- Easy to write, build, and update

The lightweight nature of the site is in keeping with greener webdev practices, partially learned through the group ClimateAction.Tech and the LOW←TECH MAGAZINE site.

Further plans:
It would be EVEN GREENER to do a dark-mode version. :)
I'd also like to try hosting it on IPFS!


green-ee is a directory of resources for building helpful electronics in a sustainable, ethical, and thoughtful way. Alex Glow originally created it for her talk at Open Hardware Summit 2022"A Better Hardware Life Cycle: Build Stuff Without Feeling Like a Jerk".
Now, she maintains it, updating occasionally with submissions from the form. Attributions (if provided) will be included in the commits as the site is updated on GitHub.

As someone who loves building electronics, and also gives a crap about the state of the world (ecologically / socially / etc.), I was very surprised that a directory of resources like this didn't yet seem to exist. If you know of another, please let me know! I would love to expand the directory and promote similar work!!

I am not an expert on pretty much ANY of these things... just someone who had the free time to start digging in, and compiling and sharing this stuff.
This list is not exhaustive! I'm sure some things are missing. Please help me fill it out :)

Things you can do:
- Submit your own links! Does not require sign-in.
- See under the hood on GitHub. There is no direct connection between GitHub and this site; it's just the first place I kept this info (in the wiki), because I don't have amazing webdev skills. It's also where I keep the files for the site, in case anyone is curious. In theory, you could edit it and submit a pull request. Please don't – it's not a direct way to edit the site, and will probably just confuse me XD

Please Note

Although this work is in broad terms supported by my employer – the excellent open-source hardware community Hackster.io – and I definitely appreciate that, all opinions expressed herein are my own.

Also, a mention on this site does NOT imply across-the-board support for any person, group, or organization!
The site is currently maintained by a single person, and information may be out of date. Please double-check anything you choose to take from here.